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MAY. 2016 : Contracted with INTERSIL(USA, Sales Rep for LG Electronics)

                     Contracted with JIANGXI HOLITECH(CHINA, LCD, LCM, TSP)

                     Contracted with STC Corp(KOREA, Sales Partnership) 

OCT. 2016 : Started to supply Intersil authentication IC to LG Electronics.

NOV. 2016 : Started to supply Intersil BM IC to Samsung Electronics via TO21.

APR. 2017 : Seperated from IKS Technology INC.


                   : Contracted with A-FLEX(KOREA, FPCB)

                     Contracted with A&Z Electronics(KOREA, Wire Harness)

JUL. 2017 : Started to FAN BIZ of Power Logic with BUIC Electronics.

                    (Sales Partnership)

                  : Sales partner ship with Future Electronics(Korea)

DEC. 2017 : Set Up New Office on Seoul City

MAR.2018 : Design working Holitech FPCB to LG Electronics lap-top.

                    Design working Holitech FPCB to LG Chem Battery pack for Samsung.

JUL.2018 : Supply BYD camera module to TIE shift RED drone.

                   Supply GODO electronics linear vibration motor to TIE shift RED drone.

                   Supply Passive components to Canon Korea MFM printer.

Jan.2019 : Moved office Youido, Seoul

                  Design working Power Logic fan to Daewoo Lucoms.

Jan.2020 : Joint patent application contract with LG Chem.

                  Patent registration completed with LG Chem. 

                  Adjustable battery protection IC. (Freeative 70%, LG Chem 30%)

                  Registered as an external inventor and engineer at LG Chem.

                  Selected as an excellent technology company in Kibo.

                  Investment Guarantee Korea Technology Guarantee Fund.

                  Certified as an excellent technology evaluation company from Nice Info.

Jul.2020 : Started up Webcam BIZ on on-line open market.

Nov.2020 : Launched webcam AF500FHD on online open market.

Jan.2021 : Ranked up by no.1 of high-resolution webcam on Naver, Coupang.

                 Started online broadcasting system construction business.

                 Set up online broadcasting system of Sin-an middle school at Anyang City.

Mar. 2021 : launched high-end FHD webcam AFC80FHD on market.

Jun. 2021 : launched USB condenser MIC M100 on market.

Oct. 2021 : Certified as an excellent technology evaluation company from Nice Info.

Mar. 2022 : Ranked no.1 of Best-seller webcam on Coupang (AF500FHD)

May. 2022 : Supplied on-tact conference equipment to Korea Post(North Jeolla Div.)

Jul. 2022 :  Supplied AFC80FHD to Samsung SDS via Voi-system(Korea Military)

Various Valuable History will be updated here!


We have...

sales and marketing experts on various electronics and IT market.

valued engineer who has deep and various technology on all electronics.

kind and responsible customer sales representative.

various co-operation partners on Korean electronics field.

Freeative Micro Electronics is small-gianted company.

We swear  to make synergy effect with all our passion.


Our Mission is..

       - Advanced Electronics Technology and Solution Provider!

       - Optimum Service provider of All Electronic Application!



Our Vision is..

       - To be 21st Century’s Best Electronics Solution Distribution company!

       - To be Trusted Company by all Customers!


 Our Value is..

       - Beyond the customer satisfaction!


  Faithful, Sincerity, Love

FREEATIVE has been supporting children in pain all over the world through UNICEF since 2016.

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